About Christine

Christine McKay

Christine McKay

A romance writing, goat herding, bad ass motorcycling mad woman

Born on Corpus Christi, you can guess what inspired Christine McKay’s parents to name her Christine. She attended parochial grade school, public high school and, apparently yearning for the nuns of her youth, a small Catholic college, all in northeastern Wisconsin. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, she headed off into the then largely male-dominated database administration field. Yes, her life is as exciting as it sounds in those three sentences.

She’s also ridden across lower Michigan largely on muleback, acquired her motorcycle license despite her husband’s misgivings, completed her first (and probably only) 100-mile bicycle race, cut up her wedding dress to make Victorian lamp shades and, so far, has managed to not horribly mangle her body despite racking up a worrisome amount of miles on a motorcycle nearly as old as herself.

Christine’s written as long as she can remember. Thanks to the recycling movement, hopefully all the early copies of her writing have long since been reprocessed as toilet paper. If not, you’ll find she’s written everything from angst-ridden teenage poetry to epic (and unending) fantasy novels, as well as nonfiction articles and, at present, contemporary and fantasy romance. Her best rejection letter arrived from a Playboy editor, who commented on how, while interesting, her nonfiction articles on goat ranching did not give her the foundation to write fiction in their magazine. Too bad. So sad. Hef missed his chance to “discover” her unique style of writing.

More about Christine..

Christine McKay grew up on a hobby farm in northeastern Wisconsin. She is the oldest of four children and a graduate of Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, WI with a B.A. in Computer Science (and a minor in English). She’s worked a variety of jobs: farmhand, waitress, booth operator at a local state park, switch board operator for the college, soil sampler, computer trainer, computer programmer/analyst, database administrator, and report writer. Yes—she is a computer geek at heart. Ask her about DOS, UNIX, vi editor, or her first computer, a Commodore 64 with a tape recorder drive.

She met her husband Keith most unromantically. At a holiday party, Christine remarked she’d lowered her standards to the point where she’d take any man who owned a snow plow (she lived alone in a rural area and was snowed in regularly). One of her co-workers happened to be the wife of Keith’s boss, Colin. Colin promptly said, “Hey, Keith has a plow.” And a blind date was arranged.

After getting lost, spilling diesel fuel all over herself, and having a bloody nose, she met her future husband-to-be. Keith had agreed to a cross-country skiing excursion having never been on a set of skis. Not surprisingly, neither was impressed with the other. But Fate works in mysterious ways and they gave each other a second chance. They were married the day before Halloween in 1999.

“The life I touch, for good or ill, will touch another life, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt.”
-Frederick Buechner