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Welcome to my new website!


Welcome to my new website!

Hi and welcome to my newly revised website! I hope you like the updated look. I can’t take credit for its design or development. That all has to go to my bartender/computer programmer/Renaissance Fair devotee friend, Jamel. Without her gentle prodding and devoted programming, this site would still be crippled by my now very outdated HTML writing skills. So now you can browse away on any internet device.  Hurrah!

I realize there’s been a writing/release lull since my last book, Mysteries & Magick. There was a bit of a hiccup in my work schedule as I transitioned from full time writer back to full time database administrator (affordable health insurance was the motivating factor) and then to part-time college librarian assistant (all in the course of 2010-2011). Wow, what a jumpy disconnected series of leaps! Rest assured, I have several projects in the works including a great little contemporary novel involving a retired military amputee heroine and a man from her past hell bent on making himself part of her future.

Stay tuned for more!