A Taste of Summer Magic

A Taste of Summer Magic Jason stared at the nine-inch stainless steel dildo and shivered. Another one of Perry’s play sessions gone bad. He didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that. He handed Perry the package, contents carefully camouflaged in tissue paper. “Present for you from Carrie. When’s she stopping in?”

Perry brought a glass of Merlot to his lips, then nearly choked when the dildo’s gleaming head surfaced from its delicate nest. He bobbled both box and wine glass. The box lost. Dildo, box, and paper hit the floor, the steel chiming like a bell as it struck the marble tile.

Jason hadn’t bothered to remove the entire thing from its wrapping. Fully exposed and displayed in all its glory, it looked like a weapon, something to be hung from a police officer’s belt and used to subdue the unruly. It was also attached to the most perfect and painful-looking set of steel balls.

The two men exchanged a look.

Perry glanced at his watch and cleared his throat. “I may be able to head her off.”

“I think I left the burners on at the restaurant. I better check.” He dashed for the door.

Perry snagged his arm. “Coward.”

He held up his hands. “Guilty as charged. That is not my idea of a low key, get-to-know-you night.”

Perry swallowed hard and carefully avoided looking at the dildo. “I admit, at first glance, it appears daunting.”

Jason snorted.

“A little lube, some more wine, the right moment—”

Jason nudged it with his toe. Dear God, it was as long as his shoe. “How about I put my foot up your ass and you can tell me how it feels?”


ISBN: 978-1897445877
Type: Short Story
Genre: Contemporary/Menage Romance
Format: E-Book and Print
Published: 9/1/2008
Company: Carnal Passions